Active/Neutral Links (NAL5-14)

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Active/Neutral Links (NAL5-14)
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NAL 5 Holes (NAL5)

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NAL 7 Holes (NAL7)

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NAL 8 Holes (NAL8)

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NAL 10 Holes (NAL10)

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NAL 12 Holes (NAL12)

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NAL 14 Holes (NAL14)

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Active/Neutral Links (NAL5-14)
Active/Neutral Links (NAL5-14)

Complete link bar and cover.

NAL5 & 7 complete with a rating of 110Amps and a cable max of 16mm².

NAL8 cable max 35mm².

NAL14 complete with a rating of 110Amps and cable max 25mm².

Split Quantity: 1

Carton Quantity:

NAL5 - 150

NAL8-14 - 100