Conduit Saddles

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Conduit Saddles

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16mm Conduit Saddle 100PACK (SAD16)

AU$12.65 AU$13.92

20mm Conduit Saddle 100PACK (SAD20)

AU$13.20 AU$14.52

20mm Conduit Full Saddle Metal 100PACK (SAD20FULLMETAL)

AU$13.20 AU$14.52

25mm Conduit Saddle 100PACK (SAD25)

AU$18.70 AU$20.57

40mm Conduit Saddle 24Pack (SAD40/24)

AU$6.61 AU$7.27

40mm Conduit Saddle 50Pack (SAD40/50)

AU$13.76 AU$15.14

40mm Conduit Saddle 100Pack (SAD40/100)

AU$27.51 AU$30.26

Conduit Saddles
Conduit Saddles Conduit Saddles Conduit Saddles

Zinc plated single sided saddles.

Available in 16, 20, 25, 32 & 40mm with a 5.5mm fixing hole.

Split Quantity: bags of 100

Carton Quantity: 1000

16mm Conduit Saddle (SAD16)

20mm Conduit Saddle (SAD20)

25mm Conduit Saddle (SAD25)

32mm Conduit Saddle (SAD32)

40mm Conduit Saddle 24Pack (SAD40/24)

40mm Conduit Saddle 50Pack (SAD40/50)

40mm Conduit Saddle 100Pack (SAD40/100)