Weatherproof Isolators

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Weatherproof Isolators

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1 Pole 35Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP1/35)

AU$14.55 AU$16.01

1 Pole 63Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP1/63)

AU$15.85 AU$17.44

3 Pole 35Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP3/35)

AU$21.51 AU$23.66

3 Pole 63Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP3/63)

AU$19.11 AU$21.02

4 Pole 63Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP4/63)

AU$21.06 AU$23.17

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Weatherproof Isolator
Weatherproof Isolators Weatherproof Isolator Weatherproof Isolator Weatherproof Isolator

Weatherproof Isolators

IP56 rated 1, 3 & 4 pole pad lockable weather proof isolator complete with fixed earth & neutral connection bars.

Made from quality fire resistant & UV stable material.

Available in 35 & 63Amp.

Split Quantity: 1

Carton Quantity: 36


1 Pole 35Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP1/35)

1 Pole 63Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP1/63)

3 Pole 35Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP3/35)

3 Pole 63Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP3/63)

4 Pole 35Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP4/35)

4 Pole 63Amp Weatherproof Isolator (WP4/63)